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What Is Ecommerce Evolved 2.0?

The Ecommerce Evolved 2.0 Guidebook is the ultimate resource for ecommerce entrepreneurs starting an ecommerce store who want to know how to grow a business and make bigger profits than ever before! 

With 356 pages of tried and tested content that has led to over 400M in sales, you’ll learn:

  • How to break through the “Iceberg Effect”
  • How to master the 12 core principles of e-commerce
  • What it takes to strategically outspend your competitors
  • Business calling and much much more.

Backed up by real data, this guidebook is the result of over 10 years of research and daily testing—not a single word of fluff filler or BS…

…and now available for just $5.

Plus, with 5 additional bonuses, including Lifestyle Metrics and Reverse Engineering training, you can build the lifestyle AND the business you’ve always wanted. 

Success is one click away…

Get Ecommerce Evolved 2.0 PLUS Bonus Bundle

Ecommerce Evolved Gives You The Roadmap You Need.

Let’s be real, business growtn is tough and you don’t need more stuff to do. 

In fact, you’re probably already doing too much. And most of what you’re focusing on is probably the wrong stuff.

What you need is a clear roadmap – something that tells you what to stop doing and what to start doing, so you can start increasing your incremental revenue.

…that’s exactly what Ecommerce Evolved is all about.

Now, you might be thinking, “Yeah, sure, another program promising the world.” 

But here’s the thing – my company Build Grow Scale™ is the real deal…

…and we can prove it!

Trusted By...

We’re the behind-the-scenes growth partner to some of the most successful ecommerce brands out there. 

Our team at Build Grow Scale™ runs the data, optimization, email and split testing for multiple 7 and 8-figure brands at any given time.

We collect and analyze more ecom sales & performance data in a week than most stores could do in a lifetime.

Every single month, we’re behind the scenes of millions of dollars in physical product sales.

We only work with Ecom brands, it’s our 24/7, 365-day obsession. Over the past 7 years, we’ve learned exactly what moves the needle to grow a brand, and we’re ready to share our unique strategies for business growth.

So, if you’re ready to shortcut your way to success, it’s time to get your copy now. 

Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Here’s What This Means For Your Business …

Once you have your hands on this, you’ll be equipped with a step-by-step blueprint to build your dream business – from the ground up!

We’ll take you on a journey covering everything you need to know, from setting up your Ecom foundations to creating a 7-figure store….

…and that’s not all

How to avoid all the mistakes ecommerce business owners usually make to gain an edge on your competitors and expand business opportunities.

You'll learn all the revenue optimization and scaling strategies required to take your business to the $10 million mark.

We'll show you how to take your 8-figure brand and transform it into a 9-figure empire, like some of the most successful and fastest startups out there.

With Ecommerce Evolved in your arsenal, the sky’s the limit.

There is nothing in the world that will give you a better return on your investment…

This Is It. The Blueprint You've Been Searching For To Build, Grow, And Scale A Thriving Ecommerce Business!

Everything we’ve learned and everything we use ourselves is in this book. 

Learn from our mistakes and our wins. 

Benefit from all the time, effort, and money that has gone into the experiences that made their way into this book.

14 chapters

Optimization, data,
and marketing.

3 sections

Evolved strategy,
evolved intelligence,
and evolved marketing

356 pages

Everything you need
to know to build, grow, and
scale your ecom business.

1 system

Follow what I outline
and it works in any

Here’s Everything Else You’re Getting With Your Ecommerce Evolved Guidebook For Only $5

A Digital Copy of Ecommerce Evolved

11 chapters. 1 bonus chapter. All focused on one thing: helping you build, grow and scale a successful ecommerce business.

Digital eBook

Price : $18.95 $5

Lifestyle Metrics And Reverse Engineering

This training will help you build a business that supports your dream lifestyle, instead of building a glorified job that you’re a slave to.

Instant Access

Price : $197.00 FREE

Building A Brand Worth Selling (Or Keeping)

This training is all about how to create a brand that doesn’t suck and a brand that your customers love and rave about.

Instant Access

Price : $197.00 FREE

Why Your Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) Sucks

In this training I will show you the magic of a well-executed backend, and how your whole life can literally transform when you build yours.

Instant Access

Price : $197.00 FREE

Ecommerce Video Ads Formula

Learn how to create quality video ads without becoming a video editor and spending thousands of dollars on audio and video equipment and editing software.

Instant Access

Price : $197.00 FREE

Private Book Owners Facebook Community

Get access to our private Ecommerce Evolved book-owners-only Facebook group. Interact with and get support from our team and your fellow ecom-preneurs walking the same journey.

Instant Access

Price : $197.00 FREE

That’s $603.95 value today for just $5. What are you waiting for?

Here’s what a few of our students say about Ecommerce Evolved…

From $100,000s In Profit Each Month To $100,000 In Losses - We Were On The Brink Of Collapse...

There are few things worse in life than watching something you’ve built from the ground up slowly turn to dust in your hands…

Most people will never understand what it takes to be a business owner.

They’ll never see the 20-hour days, the endless phone calls, or the sleepless night…

They’ll never know the thrill of increasing bottom line revenue or the fear of rising ad costs…

And that’s why this book is NOT for most people. 

My business partner and I lived the roller coaster of store ownership, celebrating our highs and pulling together to survive the lows…  

…until one day, the low just kept getting lower.

Suddenly, we were trapped in a loss spiral; profits tumbled until we could barely break even…

…then they fell further.

We poured more and more money into our business as we continued to descend to an all-time low.  

We started to ask ourselves if we even knew how to grow a business!

We were almost broke…

We NEEDED to find ways to increase revenue.

We were at the end of the line.

That’s when we discovered something that changed our lives and our business beyond what we thought was possible… 

…WITHOUT having to increase our ad spend.

Since then, we have used this unique strategy to change the lives of hundreds of other business owners, helping them increase their average Shopify store revenue and generating over $400M in new revenue for them along the way.

Now we’re giving you all that information for just $5.

Before I Reveal The TRUE Secret To Ecom Success, Here’s What Some Ecommerce Evolved 2.0 Clients Have To Say…

“From mid-six figures to a healthy eight figures.”

“We would never have been able to put a system this effective together on our own.”

“After just 5 months of implementing, my return customer return rate went from 2% to over 55%!”

"I joined BGS when my sales were dropping and in 4-months I've been scaling to almost triple my volume without increasing ad budget!"

Think You’ve Tried It All? I Can Guarantee You Haven’t Tried This!

We were right where you are now.

Struggling with the questsion “how do you grow your small business with marketing?”

We were absolutely convinced we’d tried everything.

  • We’ve banged our head against the wall with ad spend
  • We tested every sales strategy we could find.
  • Employed the best ecommerce website builder we could find
  • Followed all the cookie-cutter advice.
  • Installed everything from the Shopify app store.

Added all the bells and whistles to our store that we possibly could…

…and do you know what happened? 


Our store continued to crash and burn, only now it was worse because we’d just dumped a ton of money we didn’t have on the flaming wreckage.

After a long night of talking, we were almost ready to throw in the towel…

…the problem was that we were so deep in the hole that even throwing in the towel wasn’t an option.

We had to find a way out. 

We had to do something that no one else had thought of.

We had to find an answer that didn’t involve high-risk investments in things like advertising…

…and that’s when it hit us. 


They focused on the parts of your business you couldn’t control. 

When you should be focusing on the things that are within your control to grow your revenue…  

…and the deeper in your store you are, the more control you have.

With this realization, epiphany, eureka moment…whatever you want to call it, our desire to succeed was reignited. 

We were not done yet. 

Now we had to test out theories, and the results blew us away…

You Don’t Need More Visitors You Need The Ones You Already Have To Spend More And Come Back!

Quality is better than quantity when it comes to growing a small business. 

I’m sure you’ve heard that before, but I doubt you’ve considered applying it to your store…

…I know we hadn’t. 

So, let me explain what I mean…

Imagine you have 100 people visit your clothing store, and 2 people spend $20 each on a t-shirt, and you never see them again.

You’ve made $40. 

Now, imagine those same 100 people come, but this time 5 of them spend $20 each on a t-shirt… 

…then imagine 3 of them deciding to buy matching socks at $10 each. 

They loved the store so much that they decided to come back DIRECTLY the next time they needed socks and t-shirts… 

…and they told all their friends about it.

This time, you’ve made $130, secured future profits from repeat customers, and grabbed yourself some free advertising. 

With the SAME 100 visitors.

A simple mindset shift in how you see your existing customers opens the door to limitless profit potential…

So the question you should be asking is, “how can I use this info to grow my business?”

99% Of Online Advice Is Useless And Will Lead You Down The Wrong Path.

When we were at rock bottom, we did what everyone does. 

We went searching for an answer online.

We Googled, “how to grow your business online.”

 We were looking for small business growth strategies …

… and time and time again, we were faced with the same BS response. 

“Your ads are not working!”

So, please listen when I say this. 

Increasing your ad spend will NOT increase your net revenue or your net profit.

Many of these gooroos want you to believe that’s your problem so they can sell you their services and run your ads for you!

But get this. 

If your store isn’t working at its optimal potential, NO ONE is going to spend money.

Imagine buying tickets to see the Beatles back in their heyday. 

Only to get there and find Dave, the accountant warbling through “Hey Jude” on an out-of-tune banjo.

Some people might stay and even buy a drink, but you can bet your life on the fact they will never be back, and they’ll tell all their friends not to bother either.   

When it comes to your business, ads can build hype, but if your store can’t deliver the experience and quality your customers expect, you’ll never increase your bottom line revenue.

People arrive expecting the experience of a lifetime. 

So, that’s what your store needs to deliver. 

That’s what keeps them coming back, spending more every time, and makes your company grow. 

We figured out exactly how you can do that, and we share it all inside this book…

If You Don’t Act Now, Your Competitors Will!

This is a lesson most people learn the hard way. 

When things are going well, it’s so easy to take your foot off the gas and expect what you’ve been doing to keep on working. 

But that’s not how things work…

The environment around you is continually changing growing a small business isn’t easy. 

So, if you are relying on things outside of your control, like social media platforms and ads to grow your brand, it could go up in smoke at any second. 

Take Twitter, for example. 

Elon could decide to shut that down tomorrow, crippling millions of businesses worldwide, and no one could do a damn thing about it…

And it gets worse.

The barrier to entry as an ecom store owner has never been lower. 

Cheap products are being sourced worldwide and slapped onto DIY platforms by people looking for a quick buck.

While there’s nothing wrong with that, it makes it even harder for serious businesses to stand out.

Let me put it another way…

Competition is growing fast as more people start shopping online. 

And if you don’t make the change you need to now, you could find yourself in a similar position to us—at rock bottom desperate for a way out…

It has NEVER been more important for you to optimize your store for your visitors so each one becomes a REPEAT customer.

You need to stop wasting time thinking about how to grow your small business and start putting strategies in place to make it happen.

Every day you waste thinking about it is thousands in sales down the drain…

The Strategies Inside Ecommerce Evolution 2.0 Work On Any Store In Any Niche.

After optimizing our own store, we had to see if it worked for others. 

So, we volunteered to put our strategies on how to grow a business to 2 of our close friends.

They’d seen our results and were desperate to try it for themselves…

And the results were almost unbelievable.

Our first friend’s store in the supplements niche went from a respectable 2.7 million per year to an incredible 9.4 million run rate for the year in just 90 days.

And the second friend went from doing 300-400k per month to hitting over 1 million per month in just 60 days with his POD store!

On top of that, within just 6 months they were doing 2.7 million per month and the only reason they didn’t get there faster was the supply chain couldn’t keep up!

It was then that we KNEW we’d cracked the code for how to grow business online.

Since then, our system has gone on to generate 400M dollars in NEW sales. 

In fact, the actionable information here has helped:


People become first time




People become first time




People become first time



Our friends could barely believe the results themselves.

“We’ve never seen anything like this!” one commented.

“What do you call it?”

My business partner and I thought long and hard about that question.

There really was nothing else like this, so it needed a name no one had heard of before…

After much thought, we found it.  

The secret growth strategy that’s now responsible for closing in on half a billion in sales is called… 

…Revenue Optimization…

And in this guidebook, you can find out how to grow your business, how to expand your business, and how to grow a company WITHOUT increasing your ad spend.

Revenue Optimization Is The Science Of Removing Sales Friction For Your Customer So Spending Money Becomes Effortless…

You’re probably wondering how this is possible. 

Well, like all the best plans, it’s simple.

Every interaction your customer has with your business can become a potential point of friction.

These points of friction become barriers and hurdles your customers must overcome BEFORE they can make a purchase. 

The more barriers and hurdles there are, the less likely they are to become a paying customer. 

Ecommerce Evolution 2.0 teaches you how to remove these barriers and hurdles from your store by clearing the path and paving the way for an effortless and enjoyable shopping experience.

When you do this the right way, more of your existing customers spend money…

They also spend more money with each transaction AND they come back for more. 

Suddenly the traffic you already have becomes 2, 3, 5, 10, and even 100 times more valuable to your business. 

You didn’t need to bring more people in… 

…you just need to streamline the shopping journey for the people already in your store.
Simple, right?

But please don’t mistake that for being easy. 

There are hundreds if not thousands of points of contact with your business and each one has the potential to be a point of friction that is costing your business thousands.

Here are just a few of them:

  • Broken Code
  • Slow Page Load
  • Lack Of Clarity
  • Visual Complexity
  • Poor Navigation
  • Walls Of Text
  • No Social Proof
  • Lack Of KLT Factors
  • Complicated Sales Flow
  • Too Many Form Fields
  • Device Compatibility Issues
  • No Unique Value Proposition
  • Poor Product Descriptions
  • Wasted Above-The-Fold Space
  • Complicated/Confusing Cart
  • Incorrect Use Of Popups
  • Incorrect Use Of Reviews
  • Missing Or Unoptimized Search

And believe me when I say this isn’t even the tip of the iceberg…

It only takes one point of friction to stop your business from reaching its potential…

… and in our experience having worked with hundreds of stores, there are typically well over 50 issues that need to be fixed immediately.

…or you’ll be straight back on the search engines Googling, “how to grow a small business” all over again.

Also, you’ll notice traffic isn’t mentioned here once…

…that’s because traffic is not your problem and it never has been.

The Ecommerce Evolved 2.0 Guidebook Unlocks Your Store's TRUE Revenue Potential.

Inside the pages of this free book, you will find the keys to success you’ve been searching for. 

356 pages of the most valuable and transformative content in the world of ecommerce.

Everything has been tried and tested. 

Everything is backed up by proven data. 

Everything you need to start your journey toward the success you’ve always wanted is here inside. 

Over 10 years of painstaking tests and research have gone into creating this book for you. 

And not a single word has been included if it can’t be backed up with REAL data.

Here’s a quick look at some of the gems you’ll find inside:

Page 4

How to break through the “Iceberg Effect” that prevents many ecommerce entrepreneurs from achieving success so you can start growing your business like wildfire.

Page 13

How to master the 12 core principles of ecommerce so you can make more sales, more easily, without upping your ad spend.

Page 17

“Iceberg Effect” that prevents many ecommerce entrepreneurs from achieving success so you can start growing your business like wildfire.

Page 28

How you can strategically outspend your competitors while remaining highly profitable and completely dominate your market. (This is the secret to going from a 6-figure to 7-figures FAST!)

Page 39

Why you’ve been lied to about traffic and how you can invest your extra ad spend back into your business to massively increase your sales instead of giving it to Zuck.

Page 54

The secret to discovering the 5 areas of your business that are LEAKING away potential profit and how to plug them in record time to increase profits in just a few hours.

Page 59

How you can simply and quickly implement the six key optimization principles to optimize your store for maximum revenue potential.

Page 77

The critical optimizations you must do immediately for all of your store pages to instantly increase your bottom line.

Page 143

The 10 Secret Rules Of Product Selection you absolutely must follow when sourcing products to sell. This applies to name-brand, private-label, and OEM-manufactured products.

Page 159

How to bulletproof your ecommerce store so no matter what’s happening outside, you continue to make profits and grow your customer base.

Page 208

Learn how to reverse engineer your biggest competitors, their ads, products, and even other aspects of their business. Use this info to learn from their mistakes so you can perform better than them!

Page 225

How to mine and exploit your ecommerce store’s data to give you the information you need to create exponential growth and the 5 critical data dumps you need to analyze on a monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis.

Page 259

Discover the exact number and composition of marketing channels your business should be leveraging based on your niche, your product mix, and your revenue, and avoid devastating your business with the wrong combination.

Page 292

Use our advanced advertising campaign to arbitrage CHEAP Facebook traffic into EVEN CHEAPER long-term targeted traffic straight to your offers. (over 60% of our Facebook traffic comes from these types of campaigns alone.)

Page 318

Steal the default promotion strategy that Amazon, Zappos, Zulily,, and many other 9-figure ecommerce brands use to provide predictable cash flow year-round, AND find out how we’ve modified the strategy to work for smaller ecom brands of any size!

Page 329

How you can transform the most NEGLECTED area of an ecommerce business into your biggest profit center. We’ll tell you what it is AND show you how to structure it correctly so that it can potentially double or triple your profits with only a marginal increase in expenses.

Page 340

The in-house automated marketing strategy we’ve added to every one of our ecommerce brands to extract the most bang for your buck from every penny you spend on advertising. (Since implementing this, our ROI has gone through the roof.)

Page 348

How to get 4X the open rates, 5X the click rates, and more than 3X the revenue from 1 simple email that you are already sending so you can join the elite 8% of businesses using email correctly. 

Any one of these pages will help you increase revenue and profits and could potentially change your business…

…and inside this book, you’ll find over 350 other pages crammed full of real and proven strategies, hacks, and techniques you can use to build, grow, and scale your business.

You won’t find these insights anywhere else… 

That is why we get results like these…

Get your hands on a $400M system packed with proven strategies and research to transform your business.

Getting access to life-changing information inside The Ecommerce Evolved 2.0 Guidebook could not be easier…

All you need to do is click the button. 

This book is just $5. Let’s be honest here, what else can you get with 5 bucks nowadays?

And to make this even better for you, we also have a ton of extra bonuses… 

Bonus #1 - Lifestyle Metrics And Reverse Engineering

“How To Build A Business That Supports Your Dream Lifestyle, Instead Of A Glorified Job You’re A Slave To.”

Inside this training, you’ll discover exactly what you want and need out of life, and how to structure your business to give you exactly that.

This is the smartest thing anyone can do when it comes to building a business, and it’s so critical to your success that you shouldn’t even start building before you figure it out.

Price : $197


Bonus #2 - Building A Brand Worth Selling (Or Keeping)

“How To Build A Real Brand That You Are Proud Of, Instead Of Being A Commodity.”

Inside this training, you’ll discover the importance of building a REAL brand. This will teach you everything you need to know about creating and cultivating a brand that builds trust—a brand you’ll love, and more importantly, your customers will love.

Price : $97


Bonus #3 - Why Your Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) Sucks

“The Most Ignored Metric In Ecommerce That Can Literally Transform Your Business (And Life) When You Leverage It.”

The magic in business happens in the backend, but many miss out because they lack one.

In this BGS Live Conference training, I’ll show you why your Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) isn’t up to par and how a well-executed backend can transform your business without extra ad spend or new customers. 

With only a slight expense increase, you can almost generate free money for your business.

Price : $97


Bonus #4 - Ecom Video Ads Formula

“How To Build A Business That Supports Your Dream Lifestyle, Instead Of A Glorified Job You’re A Slave To.”

“Create Quality Video Ads Without Becoming A Video Editor And Spending Thousands On Equipment.”

The marketing game has changed from static images and copy to video-focused ads. Video is the king of online and mobile e-commerce, and on Facebook, it’s everything.

If you want to create amazing video content, we’ve got you covered with our 4 video frameworks. Once you know these, you can easily plan out your own videos and get them produced on Fiverr for just a few bucks each.

Price : $97


Bonus #5 - Private Book Owners Facebook Community

“Your Network Is Your Net Worth, and A Rising Tide Raises All Ships.”

Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely journey, but it doesn’t have to be that way. You need a support system to lift you up and keep you going.

When you order our Ecommerce Evolved book, you’ll gain access to our exclusive Facebook group just for book owners. Here, you can connect with our team and other ecom-preneurs walking the same path as you.

We believe that “A Rising Tide Raises All Ships,” and our students’ success proves it. Remember, the most successful students in our private Facebook groups are the most active ones. Join us, and let’s grow together!

Price : $97


That’s a lot to take in so here’s the short version.

When you order Ecommerce Evolved 2.0
guidebook today, you’ll get:

  • A Digital Copy of Ecommerce Evolved
    A Digital Copy of Ecommerce Evolved ($18.95 Value)
  • Lifestyle Metrics And Reverse Engineering
    Lifestyle Metrics And Reverse Engineering ($197.00 Value)
  • Building A Brand Worth Selling (or Keeping)
    Building A Brand Worth Selling (or Keeping) ($97.00 Value)
  • Why Your Customer Lifetime Value Sucks
    Why Your Customer Lifetime Value Sucks ($97.00 Value)
  • Ecom Video Ads Formula
    Ecom Video Ads Formula ($197.00 Value)
  • And Private Book Owners Facebook Community
    And Private Book Owners Facebook Community ($97.00 Value)

Total value – $603.95

FREE today when you buy Ecommerce Evolved 2.0 guidebook for

Only $5

All you need to do is click.

Opportunity is knocking - don't let it pass you by. You've got nothing to lose and everything to gain by saying yes.

It’s easy to think you’ve tried everything, and nothing works.

But the truth is that you haven’t tried it all…

…because you haven’t tried this. 

That leaves you with a simple choice. 

Continue doing what you’re doing and hoping for the best…

…or flip your strategy on its head and do what the 99% aren’t doing. 

When you get this book today and use the information inside, you will be on your path to building the dream business you’ve always wanted. 

And we are so confident that the information inside here will completely transform your business that it also comes with a 100% money-back guarantee…

That’s right. 

As well as giving away over $700 worth of pure ecommerce gold, we’ll refund your $5 if you aren’t delighted with the content. 

There is literally no reason not to give this a try.

This book is backed up by over $400M in new sales. 

Hundreds of testimonials and success stories. 

1000s of hours of research and data…

…and a 100% money-back guarantee. 

If we’d had this book when our sales were falling, we would never have found ourselves at the bottom of that hole.

But as I like to say, “Whatever happened and couldn’t have happened any other way because it didn’t.”

It was our personal battle that led us to create Ecommerce Evolved 2.0…

…and with this in your arsenal, you’ll never have to face the challenges we faced.

Discover the power of The Ecommerce Evolved 2.0 Guidebook for yourself…

…and start transforming your business today.

P.S. If $5 is too much you can always search “how to grow my business” online maybe one of the billion responses will say something useful.

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